Avicii is my favourite musician. He is a famous DJ from Estocolmo, Sweden. He is 25 years old. He plays the mixer. In 2011 he premiered his first sucess, Levels. In 2012 he premiered ''Wake me Up'' and ''Hey, Brother!''. In 2013 he premiere ''Addicted to you''. He has one album called ''True''. My favourite song is ''Hey, Brother''. I think Avicii is the best DJ in the world.


Hello! My name is Aarón. I'm 13 years old. I'm in Year 8. I live in Otura, Granada. I love dogs. I like listening to music, playing computer games and hanging out with my friends.

Last week I travelled to London.

First I went to the airport of Granada 7:00 am, 1 hour later the plane took off from there. 3 hours later I landed in the airport of London at 11:00 pm. Second I visited the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben. After that, I visited the Tower of London.

Next day I waited to see the bridge of the Tower of London. After that I did a travel in the Eye of London. Next, I travelled on the river Thames. And finally I visited Hyde Park.