SKRILLEX is my fovurite DJ. He is a fous electronic and raggae DJ from Canadá. He's 26 years. When he was only 12 years his classmates hit him. Early he started to sing very well. In 2008 he went to a very famous festival: The Tomorrow Land (a festival os electronic music in New York). When did his first electronic sond, he bacame a very famous DJ. After that he has made 30 songs. I think that hes best song is First of the Year, because its sounds are very good. The topic of the original song video was that a man wanted to hurt a litle girl, but she bacame an alien that hurted the man.

The rubius (that is the most famoust youtuber in Spain) is a fan of SKillEX. He met with SKillEX in his spaecial video of 7000000 subscriptors.
Finally: If you like playing electronic music, i really recomend it hear his songs!!!


Hi! My name is Alfonso Garzon Gijon.I am male.I am 13 years old. I live in a little town called Dilar that is near Otura. My favourite kind of music is electronic music, especially Skrillex's music.I have many hobbies: I like aeromodelling, origami and diving into the sea with air bottles.I play handball and I also like badminton but don't play it. I would like to make some friends in another country. Bye!


Last Winter I was in Canadá because my uncle got married there. I went to Canadá by aeroplane and we landed there at 4 P.m. In winter Canadá is very cold and if you pour water in the air the water will get frozen. In Canada there are 2 official languages: French and English, I only spoke English there because I don't speak French very well.

When we were there we ate lot of typical food like trempettes:a typical dessert there, a typical sandwich: the Boeuf Fume and the Solomon Gundy. We also visited the capital of Canada, Ottawa. In Ottawa there were many shops and the majority of them sold many type of coats because of the cold weather.

The last day I bought souvenirs to remember the fantastic and cold experience. I am waiting to go there another time!