Hello! I'm Diego. I live in Granada (Otura). I play football twice a week . I like the animals like the horses, rabbits chickens .... My favourite bands of music are Metalica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like playing all kinds of sports , like handball , basketball and swimming.


Estonia have got 15 counties, with its capital in Tallin.Estonia are in Centre Europe,Estonia is famous for their food , they like so much some types of sausages and the beer, they also like many types of cheese and the cakes.There are many lakes and many rivers.Their main sports are canoes ski and basketball.Estonia was playing in mundial football in 2006.


Last summer i visited Estonia because I love it. I went there by plane from 27 August to 4 September.I went with my parents and with my brothers Antonio and victor.The travel cost 260 € per person. We were in a little hotel , We visited the zoo of Tallin. We saw many types of animals. We also saw The Cathedral of Alejandro Nevski. In the second week we saw the national park of Lahemaa and the Naissaa. It was the best summer of our lives.