Holy Week Quiz: En- Sp
Holy Week Quiz: Sp- En
Holy Week Vocabulary
Holy Week Quiz: Processions

dirge [d3ːdʒ]
bearer /ˈbɛərəʳ/
brotherhood [ˈbrʌðəhʊd]
float [fləʊt]
incense 1[ˈɪnsens]
Maundy [ˈmɔːndɪ]
procession [prəˈseʃən]

Revision of preposition of time

After doing the previous exercises, write a text of about ten sentences telling us what you did at Easter holidays. You can use some of the following words. Try to use some comparative and superlative adjectives (large, bright, elaborate, warm, hot, cold, noisy, crowded, expensive, cheap, etc.) and don't forget to use connectors to join sentences (and, but, because, then, after that, later, finally).


team a Paola and Marta
team b Elena and Teresa
team c Pablo Tocino and Manolo
team d Mario and Pablo Jiménez
team e Victor and Francisco
team f Cristian and Aarón
team g Alfonso and Juan de Dios
team h Laura and Raquel
team i Lila and Andrea
team j Rosa and Silvana
team k Pablo Torres and Javier
team l Luis and David
team m Diego and Esther
team n Rocio and Inés