On Palm Sunday I went to Granada with my family and we were sitting in tribunes to see the processions.
On Monday I went to Granada with family and we did the same. On Monday we ate a typical dessert which are the toasts "torrijas". On Tuesday I went to my grandmother's with my family.
On Wednesday I went to Granada with mother to buy food and at night we saw football. Madrid won the cup.
On Maundy Thursday I went to Granada at night with my family. The processions were beautiful. La Concha cross was my favourite. At twelve we went to the Church of San Pablo and San Pedro to see the procession of 'Silence'.
The lights were turned off and the procession started. I had private entrance. ?????
On Good Friday I didn't eat meat and I was in my house.
On Saturday I went to meet Paola, Raquel, Pablo Torres and Rocio in Otura.
On Easter Sunday I went to Granada, I was in the house of my grandmother.
This year it hasn't rained during Easter processions.

On Palm Sunday I went with my family to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of my grandparents' wedding.
On Monday morning I was in my house with my family and in afternoon I went out with my friend.
On Tuesday morning I was in my house with my sister and my neighbour , we played all the day.
On Wednesday I was in my house, first I did my homework, then I studied natural sciences and finally I played with my dog .
On Maundy Thursday morning I prepared the bags to go to Motril, first I went with Paola, Paola’s brother, Raquel and Rocio. We went shopping clay for Arts. When I arrived in Motril, first we were eating with some friends of my parents after that at twelve o'clock we were watching the procession of silence, because I love this procession and it is more interesting than other processions.
It was the best day at Easter.

On Good Friday I went to the beach with my parents then we had lunch, after that my sister and I skated on the street. The water on the beach was coldest than in summer but my sister and I had a swim in the water:).
On Saturday I went shopping with my family, then we were eating in a bar and finally we went home.
On Easter Sunday I was in my house and I studied, then later my mother and I thought of going to the beach, but when we looked through the window we realized it was raining :(. Finally at ten o'clock my family and I came back to Otura.

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By:Elena and Tere.

An Excursion.

On Friday we went to the mountains in Huetor. We were with our friends from Holland and we all talked to the Dutch. We walked and we took photos.We liked the mountains, the view and the river.
Some Dutch pupils didn't want to be our friends. When Elena took photos the Dutch wanted to be in the photo.
First we went to the high School to take the bus and in the bus we were with the Dutch pupils.Then we went to the mountains in Huetor and we got off the bus and began to walk. After that we stopped in many places to see the Nature. We rested on the spring of the river to eat.We climbed a large slope to finish the excursion.
The Weather was very nice, when we got off the bus it was sunny, the temperature was warm but when we started to walk the weather......

Eagle-----Wild boar----- Beetle
Eagle-----Wild boar----Acorn
Wild boar---Squirrel----Wainut