Easter Holidays:

Pablo's easter:

On Palm Sunday I took a plane to Gatwick. I arrived at 4 a.m and my uncle drove us to his house in Mitchan Eastfileds. On Monday I visited the London Bridge and I took a boat trough the River Thames to Greenwich. There, I visited the O2 Arena and I was so excited because it is the stadium where Rihanna played her last concert. At two o'clock I visited the Greenwhich Meridian and the Cutty Sark, it was the biggest boat I've ever seen! . It was a great day. On Tuesday I went to a beautiful park called Beddinton Park. We were walking for about two hours and then we had a picnic on the park and we played football. I really enjoyed it. On Wednesday I took the underground to the centre of London. But first we stopped at Brixton and I Bought shoes at the ''TkMaxx''. At half past three we took a bus to Hide Park. We saw the Peter Pan sculpture and the Diana's Memorial. We ate at the KFC. Then we took a bus to Trafalgar Square where there were fantastic views of the Big-Ben. I was in the National Gallery and I had to go outside because a woman told me it was forbidden to take photos. Later we took a bus to Mitchan Eastfields and we saw the Big-Beng nearer and the Eye of London. The next day, we went to a farm in Clapham Junction and I saw the cutest ducks I' ve ever seen. When we finished, we went walking to The Morden's park. This park was better than the other parks. We had dinner on Pizza hut. On good Friday we went in the biggest Shopping Centre in Europe, and we visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park . Finally, On Easter Sunday we took a plane to Málaga and I was so sad because I didn't want to come back.

Manolo's Easter:

In the Holy week I didn't do many things.

On Palm Sunday morning I did homework and in the afternoon I was playing with my friends computer games in my house. On Monday I was watching processions. I got dizzy because there were many people and it was very hot. The most beautiful for me was "Cristo del trabajo y la Virgen de la luz". On Tuesday I was also watching processions. I saw two boys running fast and behind them there was the police chasing them because they had stolen a bag. But the police caught them and the peace came again. The most beautiful for me was "La Lanzada y la Virgen de la caridad". On Wednesday I was watching processions too. I met a new friend from Granada called Alex, he is a very good friend. The most beautiful for me was "Cristo del consuelo (los gitanos) y Maria Santisima del Sacromonte" and it was the best procession. On Good Friday I was in a party with my friends. It was fantastic!!! The next days I was playing computer games and with my friends.

It was a very nice Holy Week!!! But it was very short :(


Last Friday we went hiking in the mountain range in Huétor-Vega. We went with all the classes of 2º, the Dutch from the exchange and the physical, English and French teachers. We were hiking for four hours and 11 kilometres. We saw abundant flora like pines, shrubs...We also saw many kind of birds. We stopped to eating in Duero's river at half-past eleven.

We liked the experience, mainly thanks to the opportunity to talk with the Dutch, and also we liked the beautiful landscape. However,we ended the trip very tired.

Some funny things:

Many people fell to the ground.

Some Dutch boys climbed to a mountain and then they started dressing up and screaming. We all started laughing.

One Dutch boy is called Tom Bacon, and all the classmates were saying that he was Pablo's cousin because they have the same surname.

Some Dutch girls called the Spanish girls ''chickens'' because they were screaming and doing silly things the whole time.

Pablo met new friends called Anouk,Noelle, and Bowie.They even made a Wathsapp group!

Description of the ecosystem:

It is a Mediterranean ecosystem. It is made up of many types of trees like pines, holm oaks,cork oaks and evergreen trees.The fauna is made up of Rabbits,lynxes ,wolves...However we only saw different types of birds:

Swallows,ravens etc..

It was a sunny,hot day,without any wind or clouds.This is explained because the rain seasons in the mediterranean forest are Spring and Autumns.


Grass is eaten by Mice and Grasshopper. Mice and Grasshoppers are eaten by Snakes. Snakes are eaten by Eagles. And all when they die are eaten by discomposed bacterias and fungi