By Mario Velasco and Pablo Jimenez.


Pablo's holidays:

At Easter I was in Cordoba on Saturday morning. Next day I played ps3 and I walked the dog. On Monday I went to the cinema with Mario, and I saw "8 surnames basque", them I went to the shopping centre with my parents. The next day I didn't do anything, but my mum told me off. On Wednesday I did my homeworkt, after thar I played PS3 and I walked the dog with my brother. Next day I went to Malaga until Sunday, finally I had dinner and I slept.

Mario's holidays:

At Easter first I was in Almeria: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Saturday I played with my friends, football etc. On Sunday I went to the cinema to watch ''8 surnames basque'' , then I ate in the Mc donald. Next, on Monday I did the same just that Saturday afternoon I came to Dilar (Granada). After that, the rest of Holy Week I stayed in Dilar, I played with my friends, football, video games... but on Thursday and Wednesday I went to shopping centre and on Tuesday and Saturday I went to the processions.On Sunday I played play 3 and with my friends. Finally at Easter any days I ate very good meals like hamburguer, pizza, lasagna... And sweets and homemade buns. In Almeria I went to swim on the beach because in Almeria it was hot.


Last Friday we were go an excursion in Sierra of Huetor, first we went in a bus to Sierra of Huetor, then we walked in road lasting eleven km. While, we were walk and we spoke about the excursion and weekend. After that we were eat in a field with trees and little river. Next we were continue walk in our excursion, then we stop another time and we eat, in this time we played and speak with the dutch. Finally we were walk the last km also we reode in a bus and when we arrived school we stayed to the finally of school and them we went to our houses. In this excursion Mario went with Juande and Pablo went with Diego.For we the excursion is beautiful and we were learn about the environment and the road was fine.We did photos about Sierra of Huetor.


These ecosystem is mediterranean forest, is located in Mediterranean Sea, in california, regions of Chile, South of Africa and Australia.It has trees, mountain, little river ...The climate is characterised by mild winters and hot summers.The vegetation consist of evergreen trees including holmoaks... it has little precipitation or rainfall and rocky.In this day, these ecosystem abundants the vegetation and also animals.The fauna includes deer, wolves, rabbits, lynx,squirrel...And the food chains is grass is eaten by rabbit, rabbit is eaten by wolf, and wolf is eaten by bacetria.