Aarón's holidays:

Over the weekend I played the Xbox 360. Additionally, I have walked my dog. On Sunday I went to walk my dog​​ and I went to my grandparent's house. My grandparents gave me money to buy an ice cream, then my cousin came to stay overnight. On Monday I went to a friend's house to play football. On Tuesday I went with my friend to a cycling track. On Wednesday I went to walk my dog ​​with my friend, then we went to his house and we were playing Xbox 360. On Thursday I went to walk my dog ​​with my sister. On Friday I have gone with my family to spend the day in the country. We have had a very good time. On Saturday my sister went to my cousin's house to sleep. On Sunday they went to see a procession. I walked my dog and it was raining.

Cristian's holidays:

On Saturday I woke up at 6 am to go working at Alhendín. At 2 pm I finished, and I went back to my house. On Palm Sunday I was washing my grandmother house to paint on Maunday Thursday and on Good Friday. On Monday and Tuesday I did the same as on Saturday. On Wednesday after work, I watched the football match. On Maunday Thursday I was cleaning and I began to paint. On Good Friday I went to Lanjarón at 4 am to repair a very big freezer and at 2 pm I haved lunch at my grandmother house. After lunch I played some time with my cousin before painting. He help me to paint. On Saturday my cousins went to my house to sleep. On Easter Sunday morning I was playing football with my cousins and in the afternoon we were playing with the "Futbolín".

An excursion

By: Aarón and Cristian

On last Friday, we did a trip to ''La Sierra de Huetor''. My went to the excursion with the others class of eight year and with the dutch people.

In the bus, Cristian went with Luis and they were talking with two dutch girls about music and film. Also they listening to music with Cristian's headphones. Aarón went with Alfonso and they were talking with Mario and Juande.

When we arrived , we began to walk inside the forest. After walk 1 hour and a half, we did a stop to eat in a plain with a little river and many trees. Then our French teacher teach as a dutch song to see the reaction of dutches. After that a dutch girl was singing and we repeat with she. Some song were the same as Spanish songs but in dutch. After that we were talking with our friends to did the trip less "boring". At 14:00 we come back to the bus, and at 14:20 we arrived in Otura.

The landscape in La Sierra of Huetor is so beautiful. There are a lots of trees, shrubs and moss. The path of the route is made of land but some parts are of mud that is so disgusting. The temperature when we was there was very cold but we don't know if it is warm sometimes. We didn't see animals but we heard some birds. Cristian thinks that there were squirrels, because he saw some cone with bites. A example of a food web can be this: A squirrel eats the cone of pines and the squirrel can be eaten by a boar and when the boar is dead it can be decompose by a mushroom.