BY: Raquel and Laura.

Easter Week


On Palm Sunday I went to church to bless a palm of olive, later I went to a bar with my family and later I went to my grandmother house to have lunch. On Monday I stayed in Otura I went out with my friends. On Tuesday I stayed with my friends in Otura. On Wednesday I stayed in my home and I saw a movie. On Thursday I went to Alhendin because I had a barbecue and later I went to Granada with Paola and Laura, We saw the Vigen Aurora and Virgen Estrella. On Friday I went to visit my grandfather in Almería. On Saturday I stayed in Otura with my friends. On Sunday I stayed in my home with my sister and my cousin.

My holidays was very boring!


On Palm Sunday I was in my house the whole day, in the morning I did some homework for school, to be free the other days, and in the evening I saw a movie, it was the worst day. On Monday I was shopping in Granada with my mother, and in the afternoon I hanged out with my friends. On Tuesday I slept in the morning and I hanged out with my friends in the afternoon. On Wednesday I went to the doctor and I got a vaccine in the morning and in the evening I hanged out for one hour with my friends in Otura. On Maundy Thurday I cleaned my house and I went to Granada with Paola and Raquel and we saw two processions, ' La Virgen de la Aurora ' and ' La Estrella '. On Good Friday I was in my house the whole day reading a book called ' El medallón perdido', I love it. On Saturday I woke up early to went to Huescar to visit my friends, in the evening we went to see ' La Virgen de la Soledad ' and at 9 we came back to Otura, it was a perfect day!! On Easter Sunday I was the whole day in my house, in the morning I finished some things for high school and in the evening I saw a movie, took a shower and went to bed,.

I had a good Easter Week :)

An excursion.

On Friday we went in the mountain. We go with Ducht people. We were hicking. We had a nice day because we met with new people and did friends. We took photos with our new friends, they sang some songs when we start walking. First we took a bus at 8:30, and in the trip we began speak with Ducht people. Secondly when we arrived we were walking until 11:30. After that we stop to had lunch. When we finish at 12:00 we started walking again. Then we had 20 minutes to relax and took a snack at 13:00pm. In these 20 minutes we took photos with our friends. Finally when we finish at 13:45, we took the bus to come back.

Description of the ecosystem:

The place where we were, is a mediterranean forest. Some characteristicts are:

It is located at latitudes between 35º and 45º, near the Mediterranean sea.

It have hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is scarce and irregular.

It vegetation consist of evergreen trees, including holm oaks and cork oaks.

It fauna includes deer, rabbits, lynx, wolves, imperial eagles, vultures and wood mice.

Food web:

Grass is eaten by deer and rabbits. Lynx feed on rabbits. Deer are eaten by wolves. Lynx and wolves are eaten by imperial eagles. All of this animels are eaten bydecomposers like bacteria and fungi when they die.