By Andrea & Lila :)


Lila: This Holy week I went to Valencia for three days, on Sunday we were in the car for 7 hours, I ended up with a sore throat for singing the whole way there :). On Monday we spent the day in the aquarium, the best there was the dolphin show, the Beluga whales and the sea-Lions (they made funny noises) *-* On Tuesday we went to the beach, and I had the first swim of the year:D. Then we headed back home, we arrived after midnight. We had a sleepover together ;). On Wednesday, we had an Easter circus course to practise for our show that's soon (it was 9 hours long :') ). On Maundy Thursday, I stayed at home and changed my room around :P On Good Friday I went on a one day trek, we went to Monachil through the was fantastic. On Saturday I went climbing in the mountains with Silvana, that night she stayed at my house. On Easter Sunday we went to feed a horse we are looking after, and took her for a walk. It started to rain and we got soaked :(...IT WAS A GREAT EASTER!!!! *___* <3

Andrea: On Saturday I went to the beach and on Sunday too. On Monday I went to Granada to see processions. On Tuesday I was studying at home and on Wednesday too. On Thursday and on Friday I went to Granada with my family and my friends.

An Excursion:

On Friday we went to the "Sierra de Huetor", to go and do a walk in the mountains. We went with our classmates and the Holland students that are on an exchange with the year 9 students. We sung songs and we spoke to the Holland students, they were very nice and friendly. It was interesting to see all Holland students so interested in the mountains, In the excursion, we walked and made friends with some of the Holland students. We stopped twice to eat. We think we weren't as long as we thought we would be, because we got to the school building at 2 when we should of come back at 4. We liked the excursion even though we ended up quite tired, but it was fun to go with the Holland students.

The ecosystem was a mediterranean forest which is in the temperate zone. It's located near the mediterranean sea, and it's climate is mild winters and hot summers. We saw lots of trees like holm oaks and animals like insects, birds...