By: Luis and David


Easter holidays of Luis:

At Easter holidays I went with my friend to the river Dilar. On Sunday I was watching TV all day. On Monday we ate in a restaurant with my family. On Tuesday I hanged out with my friends. On Wednesday morning I stayed at home and in the evening I went to Granada. On Maundy Thursday morning I hanged out with my friends in Dilar. On Good Friday afternoon we stayed in my house with my family all day and finally on Saturday and Easter Sunday I studied and played with my computer games.

Easter holidays of David:

At Easter holidays I saw some processions like "The Burriquilla" on Palm Sunday. On Easter Monday I watched "La Luz" with my sister, my cousins, my aunt and my mother and next I went to Corte Ingles to buy some presents for my dad and my uncle because on Maundy Thursday it was the birthday of my uncle and on Easter Sunday it was the birthday of my dad. On Maundy Thursday I ate with my family to celebrate my uncle's birthday. On Good Friday I went to the Albaycin with all my family and on Easter Sunday all my family celebrated the birthday of my dad. We ate chicken, pasta and a big big cake of chocolate. This is all about my Easter holidays.


Last friday we went to huetor range with the stundents of holland to walk.

We took the bus at nine o'clock more or less. When we arrived we started walk we espoke in english to the holland people and we sung a lot of songs and we learned a song in dutch, the holland people laugh because we sing very bad we met a Holland person calle Nick we talked to him, he is funny when we finished we were very tired we took the bus and at half past to we arrived to school we went to the gym and we played basketball, football, etc. The excursion was very funny, we see a lot of beutiful trees and plants.

This is a mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. It has a few precipitation. His flora is composed by evergreen trees and shurbs and his fauna is composed by deers, lynx, wolves, wild boars, imperial eagles and vultures. Food web: The grass are eating by deer, the deer is eating by wolves or lynx and the remains of the deer are eating by insects or vultures and when all of this animals die are eating by descomposer bacterias.