Easter week

On Palm Sunday i went to my uncle´s house and i stayed there all day. On Monday i studied all day and at night i went to a friend´s house and i slept there. The next day i studied all day. On Wednesday i stayed with my cousin in Gojar and after that I saw the match between Real Madrid and FB Barcelona , On Thursday and Friday I stayed studyin all day on Saturday I went to my cousin´s house and there we ate and played all day. On sunday I have studied all day to the exams.

Esther's Easter week.

In Holy week I went to Almeria to my father's house. I was on the beach with part of my family. Some family from Madrid came to Almeria. We saw some processions. I went to a princess birthday with my little sister it was so boring. Also I was studying maths to do the exam again. On 21th Monday I didn't go to high school because I was still in Almeria. In the afternoon I came to Granada.

My Holy week was lot of fun but, very short!

An excursion

We went to the Sierra of Huetor .We went the last Friday , we were with our schoolsmates and with the partners of the exchange. We were walking in the mountain, we were doing hiking for 12 km . We were walking with the Ducthes.Diego likes all of the nature and the flora of there , we can see many types of plants and place very interesting. The ecosystem was mediterranean forest , this day the temperture was 25 º. The Friday was hot and sunny. There were a lot holm oaks and cork oaks.There is deer, rabbits, kites and wood mice but we didn't see any animal but we were hearing the birds . We were taking photos with the Ducthes and with Ellie in a very big trunk of a tree. Esther likes stay with friends in the nature.Esther was talking with some Dutches.The Ducthes were singing in the ride.Some Dutches climbed a mountaing and began to dressing up. We finish so tired and we rest in the bus.