My name is Andrea, I am 13 years old and I live in Otura, Granada. I love music and swimming. I like watching TV and playing with my mobile phone. My best friend is Silvia. I have a group called 'Locas' and 'ASBA'.

Malú :3.

Malú is my favorite musician. She is a famous pop singer. She was born on 15 on Mars in 1982 in Madrid, España. Her real name is María Lucía Sanchez Benitez. She is young. Her best song is "Blanco & Negro" and my favorite album is "Malú Sí". In 1998, she became famous at the age of 16. She is very beautiful and I think Malú is the best musician in the world. She doesn´t play any instrument. This Saturday I´m going to go to a concert in Granada. Iove her. Malú with María Parrado won "La Voz Kids". She is a good person. I love Malú. I am "Malulera Forever". (:


End :D.

My holidays :D.

Switzerland is located in the north of Germany, to the west it is France, Italy to the south and to the east is Austria. It is about 2000 km from Granada. It has a population of 7,725,200 inhabitants. The capital of Switzerland is Berna, the most important cities are Zúrich, Basilea, Ginebra and Lugano. Switzerland is know, for its mountains, chocolate, cheese, trains and banks. When winter comes and it snows a lot famous mountains are white. The most beautiful places in Switzerland are the viaduct of landwasser, Zermat, the lake Leman, and the clock tower, Switzerland is very clean and green, there are cows and some people go to the supermarket barefoot.

End :D.

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