Hi! My name is Francisco. I live in Otura (Granada) I am 13 years old and I love football and I play it in the Otura C.F. I also play with the computer and listen to music, too. I am in Year 8, I'm a good student and my favourite subject is Lenguaje and also English. I live with my parents and my sister, too.

Last summer my family and I were in Rosario (Argentina). I was visiting this country because it is where Lionel Messi was born. I stayed in the hotel Holiday Inn Express Rosario. I stayed for 7 days and I visited on the third day I went to the gigant stadium ''El Arroyito'' and then my family and I went to a restaurant and we ate some '' alfajores'' a typical cake of Argentina. After that we went to the hotel and we slept from the 3.00 to the 5.00. When we got up we went to visit some famous parks and the national monument to the flag. At night we went shopping some presents for my cousins and my grandparents. The last day I got up and I went to have breakfast because I had to get the airplane to go home, but the airplane broke down and we had to stay another day in Argentina in another hotel and the next day we went home.
My vogaye to Argentina was vey special I visited the place where Lionel Messi was born and I know a new interesting place.


Swan Fyahbwoy is my favourite musician. He was born on 15-12-1979 in Madrid. He begun in 2005 influenced by reggae music, but now he sings rap and reggae, too. He is known as ''Fyahbwoy'' or ''el chico de fuego''. His first song was produced with Gordo Master, another rap or reggae singer. I think his best song is ''Tienen las de perder'' with Duo Kie and SFDK (two greats singers). He has produced a lot of songs with other singers, but he hasn't produced many alone. I like this type of music because you can express your thoughts about somethings.
I think Swan Fyahbwoy is the best rap singer in the world.