Avicii is my favourite musician. He is a famous DJ from Suecia. He was born in 1989. His music is Dance, house, progressisve house, electro house and big room house. He started his musical carrer in 2008 with the song ''levels''.

In 2013 he won an award for ''The best artist electronic''. His real name is Tim Bergling, He only has one album today. I think Avicii is the best DJ in the world.


Hi! My name is Ines. I'm 13 years old. I live in Spain. My favourite sport is volleyball. I have one sister and one brother. His name is Daniel and her name is Natalia. I have two cats. Their names are Catto and Otto. My favourite singer is Chris Brown.

Germany, Munich.

In 2006 we went to Munich with my family. We went by train from Ausburg (the town where my family lives) to Munich. The station of train was very near the centre. We went to Marieplaz, this is a place very famous in Munich where we find the town hall called Neves Rathaus. It has a tower that measures 85 meters and a the glokenspiel that has 43 bells and some mecanic puppets. We visited the toys museum and the Cathedral of Munich (s. XV) After that we ate in a famous brewery Hofbrauhaus, it is the more famous of the world. Some typical food are pretzels, bratwursts and kartoffelsalat. In Munich there is an important river called Isar, it is born in Alpes Austrian and ends in the Danube. A typical clothes are Dirndl and Lederhosen. Then we went to Ausburg. We took the airplane and we went to Granada. The holliday was fantastic.